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Times higher Education – Book of the Week

“Experiencing the Impossible is a cogently argued, persuasive and often enthralling account of the pleasures he experienced while researching what he calls “one of the most captivating and enduring forms of entertainment”. I came away from it with a richer understanding of the art and my role as a magician”

Current Biology


“This area of research may be in its infancy. It has a long way yet to go; we are after all only at the beginning of an exciting journey. Kuhn’s book opens the debate, lays the trail for further development and is a seminal work in a new area of investigation”



“A fascinating foray into the subtle mechanics of creating wonder”


Technology and Society Book Review

“Kuhn’s choice of topics provides and outstanding basis for an initial foray into the science of magic and offers a solid basis for future research. Highly recommended”

Chemistry World

"I recommend it to the curious."


"Gustav Kuhn is in a perfect position to explore the enduring popularity of magicians and magic in the materialist 21st century"

Spectrum Culture

"Kuhn seeks to break down the ideas of magic into something more than mere child’s play, delving deep into our psychological, emotional and physiological responses to magic in its myriad forms."

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