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Gustav Kuhn

Born in Switzerland, Gustav Kuhn discovered his passion for magic at the age of 13, and much of his teenage years were dedicated to the art of illusion and deception.  Aged 19, he moved to London to follow his dream of becoming a professional magician, but his career took a dramatic change after he discovered a keen interest for psychology.  Gustav Kuhn went on to study psychology at Sussex University, and towards the end of his PhD, he noticed a direct link between magic and psychology.  His unique background in science and magic allowed him to build bridges between these two domains, which helped him establish a science of magic.  


Based in London, Gustav Kuhn is now a Reader at Goldsmiths University of London, and director of the MAGIC-Lab (Mind Attention & General Illusory Cognition).  He is one of the pioneering researchers in the Science of Magic and he is one of the founding members and president of the Science of Magic Association. 


Gustav Kuhn has lectured on the Science of Magic to a wide range of audiences and developed a psychology course on the topic, which he taught at Goldsmiths, and Harvard.  Gustav Kuhn is also a member of the Magic Circle, and he regularly lectures to fellow magicians about the science of magic.  

Gustav Kuhn has recently published a book on the Science of Magic entailed "Experiencing the Impossible: The Science of Magic" by MIT Press

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