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Clockwork Soldier and MAGIC lab present sustainable build your own magic tricks


In a first of its kind, scientists, magicians and toymakers came together to create a set of magic tricks that help uncover some of the mysteries of the human brain.  These build-your-own magic tricks are based on scientific research that explains why our brain can be deceived. A professional magician teaches you how to exploit these psychological tricks to create astonishing illusions.  For example, a matchbox “magically” becomes heavier, or an escape artist vanishes in front of your eyes. 

Understanding our brain’s limitations has important implications for our daily lives, and the science of magic provides a powerful way of highlighting some of these blindspots and biases.   For example, research on misdirection tells us how our mind can be distracted and the detrimental impact this can have on our ability to perceive things. This has important implications for driving, or our ability to navigate websites without being distracted. 

We hope that these new MAGIC-lab tricks will help illuminate some of our mind’s limitations, which will provide people with a more realistic perspective on how we truly perceive the world around us.  

Available in all good shops, or online  here.  

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