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The auditory trick challenge

In a world dominated by visual stimuli, where magic often captivates through sleight of hand and optical illusions, a new challenge emerges – one that dares to explore the magic of sound alone. The $200 Auditory Magic Challenge beckons innovators and illusionists to craft mesmerizing tricks which rely solely on auditory perception. Can magic truly be witnessed through the ears alone? This challenge aims to find out.


The premise is simple yet intriguing: create a magic trick that transcends the traditional use of sight, touch, smell, taste or proprioception in magic. The essence lies in evoking wonder and amazement purely through sound, without dependence on other sensory modalities, or language. It is a calling of creativity and ingenuity, pushing participants to explore the unique potential of auditory illusions.


Tricks must include none of the verbal cues or instructions typically found in mentalism tricks (such as Grey Elephants in Denmark). The essence of the challenge lies in crafting illusions that speak through sound alone, without the aid of language.  Participants are also required to abstain from integrating sensory elements beyond auditory perception. Spectators must undergo the magical experience blindfolded, thereby excluding any reliance on visual cues. Additionally, the trick should not engage somatosensory perception, precluding sensations of touch, pressure, pain, or the necessary movement of body parts. Participants must exclude stimuli that appeal to the olfactory and gustatory senses as well, ensuring the audience's immersion remain solely in the acoustic realm.


With these parameters set, participants face the endeavour of crafting illusions that resonate merely through auditory perception. The challenge seeks to push magicians to redefine the boundaries of their craft.


The format of submission offers multiple methods. Participants may opt to submit detailed written descriptions of their auditory magic tricks which allows for the meticulous articulation of concepts, techniques, and the inner-workings of each trick. Alternatively, participants may choose to showcase their magic through video files, offering an immersive objective experience. Lastly, participants may submit sound files accompanied by live performances, allowing the magic to resonate purely through audio. This format places emphasis on the auditory experience to allow illusions to come to life through the power of your imagination.


To conclude, we believe the significance of this challenge extends far beyond entertainment purposes. Individuals who live with blindness and visual impairments often face significant barriers to accessing and participating in artistic expression like magic. Recognizing the importance of creating magic for these individuals is a profound act of inclusivity and compassion that can have a transformative impact on our society. By focusing on auditory perception alone, this challenge provides a unique opportunity for this audience to experience magic performances in a meaningful way. As they become the primary spectators, this contest aims to serve as a platform to push the boundaries of magic, reshape its taxonomy, and capitalize on inclusion and empowerment. This initiative truly highlights the transformative power of magic to unite and delight everyone.


Deadline: 1st October 2024

Winner announcement: 12th November 2024 at the Science of Magic Association conference in Las Vegas


Jury:  The submissions will be judged by a jury involving magicians, academics and members of the blind community who will judge each of the submissions.


How to submit: Click on link


Find out more about the project.

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